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    Gantry CNC HD & Flame cutting machine



    1. German CNC control system + German Servo drives + German  mortors = guarantee the whole CNC system have stable and reliable level on the world top class;
    2. Japanese THK precise linear guide rail + European standard 7 class precise racks + Japanese Shimpo reducer = guarantee whole machine's precision can totally satisfy ISO 8206-1991 International standard;
    3. German Professional nestiong software, which integrates edge-shared nesting, bridge connection, small holes cutting and nesting remaining plates technologies. It can save max plates material and improve cutting effective;
    4. Working with American High Definition plasma power sources or German similar laser plasma power sources, the cutting finish can be as good as Ra≤12.5;
    5. More than ten kinds of professional anti-electromagnetic disturbing technologies, which can avoide mass tracking issue during plasma cutting.





  • Main Technical Parameters of PROTEC
    Machine type PROTEC
    Machine width 4000 5000 6000
    Single torch effective cutting width 3200mm 4200mm 5200mm
    Effective cutting length 1000mm- as long as requires
    Input voltage AC220V, other universal single phase input voltage
    Input frequency 50/60Hz
    Input power  4Kw
    Cutting mode Plasma or flame
    Controller Germany Eckelmann
    Transmission High precision Gear/ Rack
    Bearing Japanese NSK, TNT
    Reducer Japanese Shimpo
    AV THC system Germany Eckelmann
    Flame ignition system RATE Auto-ignition system
    Max running speed 12000mm/min (standard)
    18000mm/min (special)
    Max manual speed 10000mm/min
    Cutting speed Plasma: depend on plasma power sources
    Flame: 0-750mm/min
    Speed control accuracy ±0.5%
    Cutting thickness Plasma: depend on plasma power sources
    Flame: 6-150mm
    Fuel gas pressure 0.05Mpa-0.15Mpa (0.50-1.5Kg/cm2)
    O2 pressure 0.6Mpa-0.9Mpa (6-9Kg/cm2) 
    Purity: 99.5%
    Torch height movement range ≤100mm
    Up & dowm range ≤100mm
    Position accuracy ≤±0.2mm/10m
    Straight line reposition accuracy ≤±0.2mm/10m
    Marking accuracy ≤±1mm/2m*10m
    Drive mode Servo, double-drive
    Cutting material Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, etc.
    Cutting software IBE, FastCAM, MTC
    Cutting table (optional) Dry cutting table, water cutting table
    Plasma power sources (optional) Hypetherm, Victor, Kjellberg, TopTech JCH series plasma power sources

  • PROTEC plasma cutting

    PROTEC plasma bridge cutting
  • PROTEC gantry CNC HD plasma cutting machine catalog download link:
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    PROTEC gantry CNC HD plasma cutting machine catalog download link:
     下载信息  [文件大小:602.15 KB 下载次数: 次]
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