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    Basic functions of PRACTEC
    - Support plasma & flame cutting modes;
    - Support high power plasma power source;
    (Hypertherm Maxpro200, Victor UC200, UC300, TopTech JCH200A, etc.)
    - Auto plasma torch height control, AVTHC;
    - Anti-collision plasma torch holder;
    - Multiple flame torches cutting.
    Special functions of PRACTEC
    - Support High Power plasma power sources;
    - Support pipe cutting requires;
    - Support drilling and cutting requires;
    - Support 2 plasma torches cutting requires.

    Advantages of PRACTEC
    - Gantry type double drive structure;
    - High accuracy rack and pear transmission;
    - Steel structure of whole machine guarantee high accuracy, easy for maintenance;
    - Professional CNC cutting system with high integration can guarantee accuracy controlling and stable running requires.

  • Standard Main Parameters of PRACTEC
    Machine type PRACTEC-3500 PRACTEC-4000
    Machine width 1100mm 1100mm
    Machine length 4513mm 5013mm
    Machine height 1560mm 1560mm
    Effective cutting width Single torch: 3000mm Single torch: 3500mm
    Double torches:
    1st torch: 2885mm
    2nd torch: 2875mm
    Double torches:
    1st torch: 3385mm
    2nd torch: 3375mm
    Machine transmission Gear/Rack Gear/Rack
    Cutting modes Plasma or flame Plasma or flame
    Input voltage AC220V/ other universal single phase input voltage
    Input power 4KW 4KW
    Controller RATE Series 2500 RATE Series 2500
    Bearing Japanese NSK, TNT Japanese NSK, TNT
    Reducer Taiwan high precision planetary reducer
    AV THC system RATE Series AVTHC system RATE Series AVTHC system
    Max cutting speed 10000mm/min 10000mm/min
    Position accuracy ≦±0.5mm/10m ≦±0.5mm/10m
    Speed control accuracy ±1% ±1%

  • Catalog of PRACTEC gantry CNC cutting machine:
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    Catalog of PRACTEC gantry CNC cutting machine:

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