Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Dear partners,

Thanks for choosing TopTech plasma power sources, welding sources, CNC cutting machines and welding machines.
We'd like to supply our warranty for support all our distributor partners.

If with TopTech user manual rules to operate, move, install, assamble, store TopTech equipment, Beijing TopTech Technology Co., Ltd. promise
36 monthes warranty for TopTech JCH series plasma power sources,
12 monthes warranty for TopTech JCH original torches,
24 monthes warranty for TopTech portable CNC cutting machine series, gantry CNC cutting machine series, table CNC plasma cutting /drilling / marking machine series,
12 monthes warranty for TopTech laser cutting machine series, TopTech simi-auto cutting & welding machine series.
All the above warranty period is since deliver date.

Any questions, please feel free contact our sales team, after sales service team.
TopTech sales team email: sales@toptechone.com;
TopTech after sales service team email: info@toptechone.com.

Thank you for using TopTech equipment agian, and hope our products can supply you best cutting solutions.

Bill Smith
Beijing TopTech Technology Co., Ltd.

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